Dec 9, 2007

Day 8

As you may (Or may not) have noticed, we have a new logo, courtesy of Nexus Halo. If you make a logo, and I like it better then our current one, I'll change it.

Also, we've finally bumped the first post to page 2! This thing keeps getting bigger...

These are by ArbiterHeretic123:
In the immortal words of Sarge: "Outta the way, dirtbag!"
Wait... That's a Shotgun. Why would you need a scope?

The rest are by Warren:
Hey, this isn't SO bad, I mean, it could be in Spanish...
Speak of the devil... (This one is by Edd, but modified by WaRReN)

It's scary when you can actually see this game title, lol.


Edd said...

Hi there!
I made that Hola-pic sometime last year and I'm interested in where you found it. The forum where I first released it isn't exactly well-known.

Jay2645 said...

It was submitted by WaRReN, he said that someone else made the pic, he just added the hat, but I never had a chance to give credit.

Thanks for identifying yourself!