Dec 4, 2007

Day 3

Today's the third day this place has been online, and I have received quite a warm reaction. Before I post today's images, I would like to thank the people who helped spread this still tiny site around, namely Nexus Halo, WaЯReN, and M6deep, aka TehDeep, and also aka Sir Deepies The Græt™, whichever one he prefers to go by, he changes it a lot. =P
But to show how grateful I am, here's a ULTRA-MEGA-UBER-SPECTACULAR UPDATE (Of Doom)!

To kick off our ULTRA-MEGA-UBER-SPECTACULAR UPDATE (Of Doom), WaЯReN sent me some songs in addition to today's update.
This is a song about... Our favorite gun.
Let's do the Needler Walk!
Then a Nerd was Stunned by the Flash of Needle Burst...

WaЯReN sent in some pics, too. You know, for some reason, I think that Elite may be lying. Could it be that Energy Sword? Nah.
Yeah punk, WHERE IS SHE?

Nexus Halo sent in these two.
I've ALWAYS WANTED one of these!

Look to the left of the arrow, and with a little concentration, you can find him. He's in the rocks.

These two are by Iron Clad, aka ICEE.
GTFOing... I guess.
Ultramarine Fights the Flood!
The rest are by myself, still warm and squishy from the Halo 3 Theater oven.
What is your idea, Mister Elite?


Ow... A ton of armor, flying through the air to give me a hug. No thanks.


WaRReN said...

He is pretty eh?
HAHA, Gravity boots!(halo 4!! ROFL)
LOL, he looks like he is giving the finger....
LEROY...your a goddamn idiot...LOL
Can it be hug tiem now plz?

Nexus Halo said...

On the Mr. Valhalla picture, if you cant see him he is the rock formation. You can see an eye, a nose, and a beard (Some say its a bong).

Jay2645 said...

Yeah, that's where I implied.

You should have drawn the arrow reaching just a bit farther, but I guess that'll do.

ciregrebso said...

WHERES CORTANA? and I HAS AN IDEAR was the ones i liked most. keep makeing moar!