Feb 22, 2008

Guys, you haven't been sending me very many pics. I just got these the other day.

These are by Glowing Grunt. I have my own, but I've been too lazy to caption them, lol.
Spider Elite, Spider Elite. Does whatever a Spider Elite does.

Yes, yes it is.

Now to find the keys... And NO, not the Capitan. Or the Commander.
Uh-oh, the Grunts have the flag! What will we do now?

MC, you're supposed to use a DESIGNATED driver when you get drunk.

Ah crap, indeed.


Feb 3, 2008

Happy Day After Groundhog Day!

I update when I get in the mood. There's no schedule, it's just when I feel like it.
And, right now, I feel like it.
And I'm throwing us into the new year (Wait... Didn't I already do that? Twice?) with some more pictures!
Today's dining will be a sampling of many different chefs, from Bokito to IllegalCheatsman, to Co Redsonic, to Ima from america, to a guy named UNTITLED!

Let's start off with some Cheatsman:
But... But... He's SALUTING you...


...It's a Halomaps joke.

Hey! That prediction I made came true! I'M PSYCHIC!

Don't worry, MC! Just make a balloon!

OK, I take that back. DON'T make a balloon.
From Co Redsonic comes a Halo 2 screenshot. That's a first.
This one is from Bokito.
CMT's Chaingun OWNS. It almost makes up for their failure as a mapping team. Almost.

Now we have Ima from america for our next couple pictures.
I'm hungry, too.

Now we have our one from Mr. Untitled. That's an awesome name to have.
I'm pretty sure I don't have an a with 2 dollar signs next to it.

Now I'm hungry. I'm going to go get a midnight snack.

Jan 21, 2008

I have an important announcement: Pie. That is all.

I think I finally got back into an update schedule!
As long as the pics keep coming, you guys keep getting updates.

Glowing Grunt sent today's in:

Yes, yes they do.

I think SOMEONE needs his diaper changed.

No, go check that Flood on Floodgate.


I agree. Ewww...

Hey! That isn't Last Resort!

I'll wake you up when someone gets close.

Jan 20, 2008

Master Chief discovers portals, gets a hangover, and MORE!

You may be wondering why this site has been dead. Well, I haven't gotten any pics, guys. Come on, send them in to icanhasneedler@yahoo.com and raise no funds whatsoever for Bungie's giant Slingshot project!
I finally got bored enough to make my own.

This one was taken by IllegalCheatsman:
Master Chief discovers Portal.

These were taken by me:
Would you like to help lil' ol Me?

What happens when a thief hijacks your Banshee:

Even... CHUCK NORRIS? Wait, no he's already badass.

Too much partying, eh Master Chief?

Don't worry, I won't tell.

This is by Co Redsonic.