Dec 6, 2007

Day 6

I don't care if it's only 9:19 here in California, it's 12:19 in New York. So when you eastern seaboard people wake up tomorrow, you get a special surprise!

These are by Mishkabob, submitted by our good buddy WaЯReN.
Master Chief plays Guitar Hero:

Now all we need is Master Chief doing the headbang.

This one was made by WaЯReN, who was inspired by the two up above (Not God and Jesus, the two images, yeesh).
It's a face!

The rest of these are by a newcomer to the ICHN images scene, SiMuLaCrUm.
Bow Chicka Wow Wo- SHUT UP TUCKER[/redvsbluereference]
Why to never let a Grunt give you acupuncture.


WaRReN said...


The face is froma book cover btw.

Anonymous said...


william said...

OOHHHH...... the last 2 photos are taken out...