Dec 8, 2007

Day 7!

It's been 1 week, and we're a hit!

I would like to thank everyone who visited this site, even you, since you're reading this right now!

I should probably clear some questions up before I jump into today's pictures:

1. Can I upload pics that I made in Gmod (Mod on the Half-life 2 engine), that is Halo related, like a MC ragdoll pwning other ragdolls?
Yes, you can. You can upload ANY picture as long as it fulfills 2 requirements:
A. It has to be Halo-related.
B. It has a caption.

2. Mind if i advertise your site on mine?
Go ahead. The more the merrier!

3. I don't get the point of the site.
Broken down to it's core, it's a place to upload funny pictures.

4. What size do the pictures need to be?
Any size you want! The site resizes them, so it isn't an issue.

5. Can I send them to you via other means other than Email?
If you have "Jay2645" on your friends list, or if you've seen him around an internet forum, feel free to send him a screenshot (He's me)!

6. When will the site be updated?
I try to upload it daily, but occasionally I miss a day. If I do miss a day, it will show up the next day. I may implement a more rigid update schedule, but this works for now.

7. Why did you make this site?
Well, I'm a comedian (Well, I try), and I wanted to make people laugh. So, using the same premise as I Can Haz Cheezburger, I set up my own site. I even kept the name, though it went through many changes. It used to be HaLOL (Taken), then LOLElites (Taken), then LOLSpartans (Taken), then I Can Haz Needlr? (Taken), and finally, I Can Has Needler.

8. I've seen you use the abbreviation ICHN before, what does it mean?
It's a shortened version of I Can Has Needler.

9. Do you upload any screenshots, or do they have to be a little bit good?
I try to upload as many as I can, and if I don't like the caption, I re-caption it. Don't worry, my witty comments up top ARE not me re-captioning it, they're just witty comments.

10. Hi mom!
Umm... Hi. You do realize I'm a boy, right?

Today has the most pics EVAR! Thank you for making our 1-week anniversary the biggest yet!

These are by IllegalCheatsman:
Noo! Not Hell!

I prefer "White and Nerdy", actually.

Thanks! *Nom Nom Nom Nom*

These are by TheHappyGrunt:

Yes, I'd like 1 Food Nipple, to go, please.

Poor Horace...

Yes, please give us an encore!
Thank you, Mister Grunt.

Yes, sir!
This is by Killer247:
Yay! Mentos!

These are by me:
I need to take those classes.

Yay! A Warthog!

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