Dec 2, 2007

Day 1!

OK, I've set up the site today. This site is meant to be like HALOLcats without the cats. So yeah, just HALOL.
To submit, just send ANY Halo-related captioned picture to! Include your name somewhere in the email and in the name of the picture for filing and credit purposes.

I'll kick things off with a few of my own:
That looks like it hurt. A lot.

Wow... So THAT's how new Elephants are made...

Boxes. You can't trust them.

You are entering... The Twilight Zone. DUN-NA-NAH!!!

How Evel Knievel REALLY died:
Let's start sending, guys!

1 comment:

WaRReN said...

Damn you boxes.....
I wanna ride a baby Elephant!